About Us


Who We Are

The Jewish Social Justice Roundtable is a progressive Jewish voice within the broader Nashville Jewish community committed to exploring and supporting solutions that will advance the principles of democratic pluralism, religious freedom, and social and economic justice. Our Jewish faith guides our commitment to maintaining just, fair and compassionate public policies on the national, state, and local levels.  It is our intent to support an interfaith, inter-ethnic, and interracial community in which all can live with civility and dignity.

Foundational Beliefs That Serve as our Mission

Our collective work reflects the profound commitment of the Jewish community to help develop and sustain a better world than the one we were brought into.                

  • We believe it is the responsibility of members of the Jewish community to help protect, preserve and promote a just American society.
  • We believe members of the Jewish community have an ethical imperative to assure that our government and institutions function as a public trust and remain wedded to our inalienable Constitutional rights, the rule of law, and principles of justice and fairness for all.
  • We believe there is a need to continually educate the Jewish community about issues related to social and economic justice.
  • We believe that when appropriate we should stand strong in support of social and economic justice issues through our words and our deeds.
  • We believe, as Jews, that it is important to interact and stand strong with the entire Nashville community to advance social and economic equity in our country, state, and city.

Core Values That Influence Our Foundational Beliefs

The goals of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable are informed by Jewish values – the ideas and beliefs that capture what truly matters to us as citizens – and stand on the four pillars of Judaic morality: mishpat (justice for all), tzedakah (righteous acts), gemilut chesedim (acts of loving kindness), and rahamim (compassion for those in need).  In addition, we are guided by age-old Jewish principles related to justice including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Tikkun Olam:  The commitment to work steadfastly to improve the world and create a more just society for all;
  • Yad B’Yad:  The understanding that working in partnership with others, both inside and outside of our community, will afford us the best opportunities to work for the common good;
  • Klal Yisrael:  The ever growing understanding that begins within each of us that guides us to go beyond serving ourselves to attending to the needs of the Jewish people and all of humankind.
  • B’Tzelem Elohim:  The recognition that because every human being has been created in the image of G-d, it is our responsibility to serve as ambassadors of the divine by committing ourselves to the values of civility and human dignity.

Organization and Activities

In its initial stages of formation and development, the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable will be guided by an Executive Leadership Team (Irwin Venick and Avi Poster) and an Executive Steering Committee that will meet to guide the work of the organization. In addition to sharing pertinent information with our membership, periodic membership meetings will be to advance our mission of educating and activating the Jewish community around issues of justice.