Immediate Call to Action on Proposed Tax Reform Bill

There are a number of important issues in front of Congress that deserve our attention that the Nashville Jewish Social Justice Roundtable is carefully monitoring. The issue in front of Congress this week is tax reform, which is why we are sending out this action bulletin. Coming up swiftly behind tax reform are important decisions on DACA and the Federal budget.

We are asking that you join our Roundtable in raising your voice against the proposed tax bill. NJSJR stands in strong alliance with organizations with which we align including, but not limited to, JCPA, The Tennessee Justice Center, The Center for American Progress, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Coalition on Human Needs, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, A VOICE for the Reduction of Poverty in Nashville, Americans for Tax Fairness, and countless others. We rise against this proposed legislation because it would provide billions of tax breaks to wealthy individuals and corporations by cutting programs that help reduce poverty and make lives easier for many among us.

Congressman Cooper has weighed in on tax reform with reason. Unfortunately, to varying degrees, Senators Corker and Alexander have indicated support. As both are considered to be persuadable targets … especially Senator Corker … local and national advocacy partners have reached out to us urging us to connect with both.

Please take a few minutes to email and call both Senator Corker and Senator Alexander. Urge them NOT TO VOTE for the current iteration of tax reform as it serves no national purpose, will not create jobs as some profess it will, and will not provide relief across the middle class. The proposed tax bill will instead provide tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations based on the promise of trickle-down economics. Some low/middle-income individuals and families will actually pay more – especially people with high medical expenses or student loan debt, people who adopt children, and immigrant families. Remind our Senators that if this bill becomes law, low- and middle-income people will suffer for years to come. The proposed tax bill will add trillions to our deficit that will lead to future cuts in key federal programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, education, SNAP, housing, job training, and more.

In advance, thank you again for raising your voice in supporting issues of critical importance such as this one.

The Nashville Jewish Social Justice Roundtable Steering Committee

Sen. Lamar Alexander
Washington Office at (202) 224-4944
Nashville Office at (615) 736-5129
Also email David Cleary, his Chief of Staff, at

Sen. Bob Corker
Washington Office at (202) 224-3344
Nashville Office at (615) 279-8125
Also email Todd Womack, his Chief of Staff, at