Immediate Call to Action on Proposed Senate Healthcare Bill

As you well know, the Senate Healthcare Bill (BCRA) has been released … and the picture it paints is not looking pretty.

While we know many of you have likely received other calls for action we thought it necessary to distribute one of our own. Unless the Senate bill is voted down or postponed, health care will get far more expensive for most people using the marketplaces, people with pre-existing conditions will once again find coverage unaffordable, Medicaid will be slashed by more than $800 billion over the next 10 years, and within three years Medicaid expansion (which has covered 11 million more people) will lose its special funding. Actually what has been released is not a healthcare bill … but a deep healthcare reduction. People who earn below that national mean, particularly children in poverty (half the children in Tennessee are on TennCare), and people with disabilities will be particularly hurt. Costs for insurance will significantly rise for those earning less than $60,000 while taxes will be significantly reduced for those earning more than $200,000. Nine rural hospitals in Tennessee have already been closed (second most to Texas) with another 61 now in danger of closure. Just today the Congressional Budget Office released a report that projects that if adopted the Senate Bill will lead to 22 million fewer people being insured.

As there may be a floor vote on this bill as soon as Thursday of this week it is important that we each jump to action and speak up loudly to let our Senators know that, for a horde of moral and economic reasons, this picture is not one we can accept. Your phone calls and emails could make an important difference. Whether this is your first time calling or you have called many times before, please call again now … and then call every day until the bill hits the Senate floor.

While calls are the most effective … please consider emailing as well, placing in the subject line “Please vote NO for the BCRA.” Frame your phone calls and emails in anyway reflective of how you feel … but please call and email. Begin your calls and place in the subject line of your emails a simple request: “Please vote NO for the BCRA.” A sample message of explanation could be as simple as: “I’m a constituent and I want Senator __ to reject the proposed Senate health care repeal bill. It will take health coverage away from millions of people, drastically cut Medicaid, hurt children and their families, seniors, and people with disabilities while it shifts billions into tax cuts for the wealthy. Please vote NO.”

In advance, thank you for jumping into action. The contact information for our Senators follows.

– The NJSJR Steering Committee

Sen. Lamar Alexander
Washington Office: (202) 224-4944
Nashville Office: (615) 736-5129

Sen. Bob Corker
Washington Office: (202) 224-3344
Nashville Office: (615) 279-8125