NJSJR November Newsletter

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The Presidential campaigns being waged today are unlike any most of us have ever seen. Rarely have we been given more fundamentally different choices than the ones currently before us. This year, more than in half a century or more, the two candidates offer a choice, not an echo. Each candidate promises to carry with them to office clear differences with regard to health care, social security, minimum wage, the distribution of tax burden, the treatment of undocumented residents, Supreme Court appointments, criminal justice reform, a women’s right to choose, and so much more. Without trying to be too dramatic, the 2016 election has richly earned the right to be called a “watershed political moment” and will possibly be the most consequential presidential election in our lifetimes. Early voting began this week and extends through Nov. 3, with Election Day on Nov. 8. Here’s a link to the polling schedule:


We urge everyone to not only vote but to urge others within their reach to do the same.

In the past month the NJSJR has been working to research and refine our policy statements and prepare for future convening events centered on issues important to our membership. We fully expect, in the weeks following the November elections, that public policies will emerge that will warrant our raising our collective voice.

In the meantime, there are a few upcoming community events that we thought our membership might consider attending.

RECOGNIZE THE STRUGGLE: Saturday, October 22nd – 11am to 1pm First Baptist Church East Nashville – 601 Main Street, Nashville Middle Tennessee State University professors Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes and Dr. Louis Woods will explore how Southern regional migration and federal housing policies influenced the settlement of Northeast Nashville. In addition, the Honorable Judge Richard H. Dinkins

CELEBRATE THE LIVED HISTORY: Saturday, October 29th – 11:00am to 1pm Nashville Public Library, Main Branch – 615 Church Street, Nashville A panel of community experts will share memories of life in Northeast Nashville’s African American community. The program will utilize the Library’s special collections to explore methods of preserving neighborhood history that directly address the complex issues of cultural erasure and gentrification.

THE TEMPLE/VANDERBILT HOLOCAUST LECTURE SERIES: Father Patrick Desbois Tuesday, October 25th – 7:00pm Vanderbilt Langford Auditorium – Vanderbilt Campus/2209 Garland Ave. – Nashville Father Patrick Desbois is a Catholic priest and author of “The Holocaust by Bullets.” Father Desbois has devoted his life to researching the Holocaust, fighting anti-Semitism and improving Christian-Jewish relations.

NASHVILLE ORGANIZED FOR ACTION AND HOPE (NOAH): THE PEOPLE’s PLATFORM: ***Highly recommended by NJSJR Leadership Sunday, October 30th – 3:00pm Temple Baptist Church – 3810 Kings Lane – Nashville In addition to reviewing the progress on reaching its goals made this year, this event will feature a conversation with Mayor Megan Barry and other city leaders around NOAH’s central issues: affordable housing, criminal justice issues, poverty reduction, workforce expansion and workplace improvements.

“HOLOCAUST BY BULLETS” EXHIBIT: Exhibition Open to the Public October 14th through November 2nd 2016 The Temple/Congregation Ohabai Sholom – 5015 Harding Pike, Nashville This exhibit is open to the public (group tours can be scheduled). It is based on 12 years of research and investigation by the French organization Yahad-In Unum and its founder, Father Patrick Desbois. The exhibit chronicles a lesser-known side of the Holocaust through eyewitness testimonies, photographs, and maps. This exhibit takes place in conjunction with Father Debois’ lecture at Vanderbilt’s Langford Auditorium on October 25th. For further information about the exhibit or other programs in the Vanderbilt/Temple Holocaust series contact Danielle Kahane-Kaminsky (danielle.kahane-kaminsky@vanderbilt.edu).

NASHVILLE PUBLIC DEFENDERS COURT WATCH PROGRAM: Tuesday, November 15th – 8:00am to Noon Public Defenders Office – Parkway Towers Bldg. – 404 James Robertson Parkway – Nashville – Suite 2022 Following an orientation and short education session, walk a block to the Metropolitan Nashville Court House where you will witness what happens in our courtrooms every day. Sit in on actual court proceedings and see the criminal justice system in action. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of what it is like to face criminal charges and be forced to make a hurried and pressure-filled decision to take a plea or fight the charges. Court Watch takes place on the third Tuesday of each month. For more information, contact Sara Sharpe at SaraSharpe@jis.nashville.org

CONGRESSMAN JOHN LEWIS: “The March” – Open to the Public Address Saturday, November 19 – 10:00am Martin Luther King High School – 613 17th Ave. N., Nashville Renown hero of the Civil Rights Movement, Rep. John Lewis will discuss his New York Times best–selling graphic novel trilogy “March” during a free public lecture. A graduate of what is now American Baptist College and Fisk University, Lewis was a leader in the Nashville student-led, nonviolent sit-in movement and the Freedom Rides in the early 1960s. He was the youngest speaker at the 1963 March on Washington and was at the forefront of the Selma to Montgomery March as part of the voting rights movement in 1965. He remains one of our nation’s most important voices on civil and human rights. The “March” trilogy chronicles the enduring impact of the Nashville Civil Rights movement and his role in it. It was written to engage a new generation of readers in civil rights history.

Sunday, November 20 – 9:30 to 3:30
West End Synagogue – 3810 West End Ave., Nashville The Nashville Jewish community will hold its fifth annual Global Day of Jewish Learning on Sunday, Nov. 20 at West End Synagogue and again will feature a visiting scholar from the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. Online registration is available at www.jewishnashville.org.

That’s it for this month. Please share this update with others you know and encourage them to join us at: www.JSJRnashville.org

Avi Poster, Irwin Venick, and the NJSJR Steering Committee