NJSJR Statement on Orlando Massacre

The Nashville Jewish Social Justice Roundtable is proud to stand for the equality and full inclusion into American society of all individuals within our community.  Jewish tradition tells us that to save a life is to save the world.  Yet, over the past year, we have watched the destruction of many worlds by anger, hatred, and individuals wielding military-grade hardware.

The recent shooting in Orlando targeted gay people who have experienced hatred, discrimination and exclusion, but have managed, slowly, to become a part of mainstream America.  They have fought the plague of HIV/AIDS that nearly killed off a generation.  They have fought for acceptance in the job and housing market and still face resistance from individuals, businesses and governments.  They have been willing to relinquish family ties to exist with pride in who they are.  Their world was destroyed when the bullets came.

Their pain and loss reverberate here, in Nashville.  In our sadness, NJSJR offers our support to the survivors of the massacre, family members of those killed, lovers, friends, employers, co-workers and all who knew and cared for these individuals.  We also extend compassion and prayers to the family and loved ones of the murderer who, for whatever reason, chose to inflict this devastation.

We at the Nashville Jewish Social Justice Roundtable view the individual as one of G-d’s greatest creations.  We honor G-d and we support our Constitution when we respect the right of all people to live and prosper.

We call on everyone to look up from their phones, look out at the world and make decisions that lead to a safer, more loving environment for all of G-d’s children.